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Australian Beekeepers offering Local Honey for sale
The Australian Beekeeper Network

This web page shows lists of Beekeepers, by state, who are offering Local Honey for sale.

Anyone wanting to acquire Honey is invited to search through these lists below to locate a beekeeper. When the search has been successful the searching person makes contact directly with the beekeeper.

At no stage does the website owner get involved.
Disclaimer: The website owner makes no representations as to the nature of the services advertised or the character of any advertisers. The website owner has no involvement and does not take any liability, responsibility or obligations for what results from the contact between two parties. Any potential legal aspects would be between the two parties.
If you are a Beekeeper and want to be listed in the Local Honey Sales Register
on this webpage, please >>submit your details>>

Beekeepers offering Honey for sale produced from their region

Beekeepers from Victoria offering Honey for sale (sorted by postcode)
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Beekeeper name [Reg.Nr.]
Business Name
Contact details
Home base
Town/Region, State Postcode
web link
Geoff Wallace [W311]

mobile 0488 775 313

Maidstone, Vic 3012

West of Melbourne Victoria
Please call me if you want to purchase raw (unheated and course filtered) Victorian honey.
Johannes Thiedeman [T173]

mobile 0403 938 143

Hoppers Crossing, Vic 3029
For purchase, please email me with your details and I will be in touch.
Raymond Deaton [D506]
PO Box 2087
Meadow Heights, Vic 3048

mobile 0409 730 607
Roxburgh Park, Vic 3064
All pure natural honey
Benedict Hughes [H235]
The Practical Beekeeper
mobile 0418 863 884

Thornbury, Vic 3071

Fresh raw honey available in season from select suburban beehives in Melbourne; Thornbury, Preston, Alphington, Ivanhoe, Brunswick, Heidelberg
Frankie Spranger [S025]
Heidi Honey Hurstbridge

phone 0408 336 363

email BeeRescuer@gmail.com

Hurstbridge, Vic 3099

web www.BeeRescue.com.au
From hives in Eltham, Hurstbridge, Yarrambat, Kangaroo Ground, central Victoria and across Melbourne. We offer raw honey at St Andrews market and at Latrobe market. Creamed and cinnamon honey, Honeycomb, Medicinal honey (containing propolis, pollen, wax, hive sediment) regularly sought after for hay fever, sinus etc.
Kerin & Nicole O'Brien [O037]
Local Honey Ashburton

phone 04 1950 1950

Ashburton, Vic 3147
(Inner Eastern Melbourne suburb)

Honey available for purchase from: Corner Deli High St, Ashburton
Dietmar Klimkeit [K143]
Amazing Bees

Please visit our website for details.
The Basin, Vic 3154
(Outer Eastern Melbourne suburb)

Premium Raw Honey, cold extracted and cold filtered. Sourced from native flora, mainly Eucalypts, from different locations within a radius of 220km from our home base.

Please visit our website for details.
Glenn Lockhart [L231]
Glenron Honey

phone 0407 364 726

Seaford, Vic 3198
(Southern suburbs of Melbourne)

Premium cold filtered raw honey, produced from the flora of Port Phillip Bay foreshore and surrounding parks and gardens.
Moe Jarrad [J175]
Moe the Bee Man
mobile 0438 746 501

Frankston, Vic 3199

Raw organic honey from our hives in Pearcedale, Balnarring, Crib Point, Mt. Eliza, Mt. Martha, Frankston, Lang Warrin, Baxter and the surrounding areas.
Graham Cottew [C393]

mobile 0417 722 400

email graham@honeybydezyne.com
Albert Park, Vic 3206

web www.honeybydezyne.com
Urban cold extracted and filtered honey fresh from Albert Park hive.
Mark Colley [C415]
Golden Plains Honey
mobile 0421 647 424

Teesdale, Vic 3328

Raw and cold filtered honey in jars.
Amanda Collins [C678]
Backyard Beekeeping Ballarat
mobile 0409 632 545

Ballarat, Vic 3350

Three different types of honey for sale in the shop. Shop opening times: Thursday 5:30 to 7:30pm Saturday 9:00am to 1:00pm Other times by appointment
306 Errard St Sth, Ballarat Central
Amanda Brookes [B427]

phone 0477 677 221

Wallan, Vic 3756
Pure, raw honey (mixed floral and Ironbark), from hives in Chintin, Wallan, Euroa and Tooborac.
Justin Bumpstead [B793]
Bumpstead Family Apiaries
mobile 0432 565 061

Kinglake, Vic 3763

Many varieties of honey. Available for purchase online too!
Alf Brugman [B663]
Vic Honey

Upper Beaconsfield, Vic 3808

web www.vichoney.com.au

Honey from the local area with local pollens helpful for hay fever sufferers.
Peter Grenville-Merry [MA21]
po box 1186
Lakes Entrance, Vic 3909
mobile 0438 706 454
Lake Bunga , East Gippsland , Vic 3909
Pure Gippsland Gold, raw organic honey, just as mother nature intended.

Beekeepers from NSW & ACT offering Honey for sale (sorted by postcode)
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Beekeeper name [Reg.Nr.]
Business Name
Contact details
Home base
Town/Region, State Postcode
web link
Roger Campbell  [BK-0009033]

mobile 0416 241 067

Greenwich, Sydney, NSW 2065
Honeycomb 500g containers for sale $10 each (postage is additional). Price negotiable based on volume.

Honey is from beehive located in backyard. Colour light golden and flavour is mild and predominantly floral.
Weng LO [BK-0001504]

mobile 0410 341 256

Eastwood, NSW 2122
100% Natural Pure Raw Honey, all capped honey, cold extracted and unheated honey.
Pure, Rich, Healthy, Safe, Harvested with extreme care.
$250 for 25kg bucket, $8 for 400g jar, $10 for 500g jar. LIMITED AVAILABLE!
Dianne & Glenn Holdstock [NH35]
Summer Hill Honey
mobile 0429 440 329

Summer Hill, NSW 2130

in the inner west of Sydney
Summer Hill Honey produces raw, filtered, cold extracted honey from our beehives scattered around Summer Hill. Our happy girls produce a distinctive floral honey which does vary with the season. Limited stock available as we have only 7 hives. We do retail through a local grocer and cafe. This season we have a surplus which is in bulk and we are pleased to offer at $12/kg.
Emmanuel Farrugia [NF81]
mobile 0411 322 995

Earlwood, Sydney, NSW 2206

100% Raw Honey from Sydney's Inner West. All proceeds of honey go to our work raising the awareness of bees in our community. For more info visit our website.
Peter Richardson [R254]

mobile 0402 094 062

Medowie, NSW 2318
Raw honey for sale. Honey collected from hives located in Medowie (Port Stephens, NSW). Member of the Hunter Valley Amateur Beekeepers Association. Pricing is cheap and will depend on the quantity of honey and the type of container required. Price will not exceed $10/kg, cheaper for bulk purchases and cheaper still if you bring your own containers. All enquiries welcome.
Andrew Matthews [NM419]
A and K Matthews Honey

mobile 0427 375 461

Moree, NSW 2400
We have honey for sale, gum, ironbark.
1kg pails, 3kg and 25kg.
Prices negotiable.
Neale Jones [J6]
Little River Honey  
mobile 0414 491 299

email nealejones@bigpond.com

Bulahdelah, NSW 2423

Newcastle, NSW 2291

Turramurra, NSW 2074
We produce and sell pure raw honey from our bee hives located in our own private native hardwood forest. All extraction is done without the use of any heat so that the natural flavours and qualities of the honey are maintained.
Prices are $250 for a 25kg bucket (incl $15 refundable for the bucket), $30 for a 3kg tub. $11 for a 1kg tub and $6.00 for a 500g plastic jar.
Pick up can be arranged from Bulahdelah 2423, Merewether 2291 (Newcastle), or Turramurra 2074 (Northern Sydney)
David Hughes [NH64]
Sonudor Wild Bush Honey
mobile 0403 296 531

Washpool Rd, Booral, NSW 2425

Sonudor Wild Honey. Raw honey straight from the hive, extracted without using heat so all of our honey retains it's natural nutrients and medicinal property's. Collected from a bushland property located at Booral, NSW. 500g Jars of honey are available for purchase at $6 ea. bulk orders welcome. We also have a ready supply of Beeswax for sale at negotiable prices. Pickup is available from Medowie and delivery can also be arranged to the Penrith/Sydney area.
Danyen [NS302]
Tree Tops Honey Apiaries
mobile 0401 072 805

Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450

🐝100% Pure Raw Honey Now Available🐝 500g $7, 1.5 Kg $14, 3 Kg $25 (pre-order). Our honey is 100% Natural and Raw.
We do not feed our bees sugar concentrates and they forage entirely from the surrounding state forests. All of our honey is hand spun and is not heated. Pick up available at Emerald Beach Or Collection at a mutually agreed time.
Craig McMahon [NM263]
MisBeeHaven Honey
mobile 0409 916 298

Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450Our honey is extracted from our beehives located in a private backyard, Acreages and Natural Parks on the Mid North Coast NSW and the Coffs Harbour area. Our honey is not pasteurized or heated and is 100% raw. We only strain the honey in a fine food grade stainless steel sieve that removes most of the impurities but our honey may contain traces of pollen and bees wax. We call our Honey Free range organic Honey.
Anthony Heidemann [H235]
phone (02) 6655 4151
mobile 0427 355 913

37 Elk Avenue
Repton NSW 2454
Raw honey triple filtered sourced from the local bush adjoining Bongil Bongil National Park. Several different varieties may be available depending on the season.
... [D5222]
Outa The Hive Pty Ltd
phone 0439 809 523

Dapto, NSW 2530

web www.OutaTheHive.com

      Facebook page
We are beekeepers in the beautifull Illawarra region one hour south of Sydney. We extract all our honey cold and allow it to settle before we bottle it. We don't blend our honeys so each time we extract the flavours are slightly different ... just as nature intended.
Rhett Mitchell [NM252]
Earth's Honey
mobile 0427 743 886

5 km West Nelligen.
It's on the way from Canberra to Batemans Bay, NSW 2536
Our pure honey is from a couple of dozen hives scattered around the hills behind Nelligen where we have Iron Bark, Red Gum,Stringy Bark to name a few trees, the honey you purchase will depend on what has been flowering in the bush with Spotted Gum flowering Atm (5/2016) Our honey is cold extracted @ then strained.The Nelligen creek where our bees go for a drink has fresh crystal clear running water that runs all the way down to the Clyde river where the famous Clyde River Oysters are produced.
Scott & Armonde Williams [W455]
Bees R Us
phone 4842 2360
mobile 0403 324 212

Braidwood, NSW 2622

We sell a range of different types of honey with colour and flavour varying throughout the year depending on the species of eucalyptus in flower at the time, we also have a range of creamed honey and combed honey. Also everything you need regarding beekeeping supplies, candles, beeswax and more. contact us for more details.
Philippe Finance [F231]
mobile 0422 047 295

Stanmore, NSW

    Facebook page

Raw honey from the Campbelltown area, South-West Sydney. The hives are located next to a Nature Reserve and a National Park, where the bees collect nectar in Eucalypts forests. The honey is cold-extracted, unfiltered, unpasteurised, basically straight from the extractor, real raw honey! Only sold in 30 kg buckets, $8/kg plus $15 per bucket.

Beekeepers from Queensland offering Honey for sale (sorted by postcode)
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Beekeeper name [Reg.Nr.]
Business Name
Contact details
Home base
Town/Region, State Postcode
web link
Scott Bevis [B1648]
Bee Australian
phone (07) 3103 6721

Unit 8/16 Bremner Road
Rothwell, Qld 4022

Retailer for pure raw natural local honey.
Stephen Flood [F625]

mobile 0450 977 474
Chermside West, Qld 4032
Raw honey from my hives next to bushland on Brisbane's Northside. Mainly Eucalyptus blend although sometimes I do have Clover honey & also Macadamia honey from some of my hives in Imbil(near Gympie). Depending on time of year so please ask.
Eucalyptus blend 500g $6, 1kg $10, 7kg $60, 25kg $187.50
Peter Sedgwick [S1491]
HoneyWorks Pty Ltd
mobile 0400 953 014

3 Larissa Street
Geebung, QLD 4034

web honeyworks.com.au
Pure raw honey produced by the bees from the gardens and park lands of northern Brisbane.
Errol and Julie Marsh [M898]

phone 0414 867 346 or 0432 688 645

email erroljuliemarsh@iinet.net.au
7/25 Eastwood Drive
Mansfield, QLD 4122
AAA Export Quality Honey Organic Blue Ironbark Honey 1kg $10.00 (Honeycomb in $14.00) Organic Blue Ironbark Honey 550g $5.50 (Honeycomb in $7.50) Organic Blue Ironbark Honey 275g $3.50 (Honeycomb in $4.50)
Peter [K999]
Petes Honey Brisbane
phone (07) 3343 5321
mobile 0421 325 983

Brisbane, Qld 4122

Our honey is produced on the south side of Brisbane. It is pure, raw, natural, cold extracted. A fine strainer is used to remove wax particles just before it is bottled. Un-strained honey is also available.
Lionel Scicluna [S1502]
Malieta Honey

Capalaba, Redlands City, QLD 4157

Raw Honey sourced from hives from Victoria Point right through the the Capalaba/Gumdale Border. Minimum bulk buy 24kg. All cold extracted. See website for stock and availability (seasonal).
John Ward [W1071]
Kwetu Bush
phone (07) 5463 5608

Moogerah, Scenic Rim, QLD 4309
Mostly spotty gum and ironbark honey.
Donovan Cunliffe [C1206]
Wallabeez Honey Supplies

phone 0414 521 310

Esk, SE QLD 4312
We produce Raw Honey in the beautiful Somerset Valley. Surrounded by native bushland and a large variety of Eucalyptus trees. Our honey has a flavour unique to this area. The Honey is extracted cold and allowed to settle before we bottle it for sale. We can deliver locally to the area, or ship to most areas outside of West Australia (Shipping cost applied)
Simon [C947]
Honeyhunters Australia
phone (07) 5498 1040
mobile 0438 134 229
Ruth Chatburn 0432 204 872
Sandy Creek, QLD 4515

Our raw honeys come from State Forests and National Parks of Queensland.
We have also sourced medicinal honey: Jellybush honey.
Come to visit us @Northey Street Organic Market at Windsor or our website.
Matthew Hoffmann [H1228]
Heiðrún Heim Estate Apiary

Sunshine Coast, QLD 4552

We produce Premium Comb Honey & Crushed Comb Honey onsite, but can supply Honey produced by other small scale bee keepers in out local area. see our facebook page for more info.
Max and Trudi Lindegger [L256]

phone (07) 5494 4741

email max@ecologicalsolutions.com.au

Crystal Waters, QLD 4552
We sell raw honey in bulk and in 500 g and 1 kg glass jars.
All honey produced here at Crystal Waters.
Bill Groth [G765]

mobile 0429 596 684

Maroochy River 4561 &
Golden Beach 4551 Sunshine Coast
Local Sunshine Coast Honey for sale from Golden Beach & Maroochy River (near Bli Bli) Phone or email for details.

Beekeepers from South Australia offering Honey for sale (sorted by postcode)
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Beekeeper name [Reg.Nr. PIRSA]
Business Name
Contact details
Home base
Town/Region, State Postcode
web link
Mark Rose [MBZ]
Rose Herbs and Honey  
mobile 0402 381 169
phone (08) 8552 2669

email mark@rosewebdesign.com.au
Victor Harbor, SA 5211

web www.roseherbsandhoney.com

Pure raw cold processed honey for sale. Wax candles and herbal products available. Local market stall at Victor Harbor Country Market. Home delivery available, please contact to discuss.
Jason Lind [JAR]

phone 0447 944 726
Victor Harbor, SA 5211
Raw local honey, all enquiries by phone please.
mike reeves [MDR]
mikes raw honey
mobile 0401 736 742

Adelaide South Australia
Small batch honey produced from hives in Adelaide suburbs and Adelaide hills. Hives made of wood with no plastic frames or foundation used. Minimal filtering, no heat treatment, packed in glass jars. Honeycomb also available. Buy premium honey at a reasonable price direct from beekeeper.

Beekeepers from Tasmania offering Honey for sale (sorted by postcode)
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Beekeeper name [Reg.Nr.]
Business Name
Contact details
Home base
Town/Region, State Postcode
web link
John Siermicki
phone 0499 022 310

email taswildhoney@bigpond.com
Westbury, Tasmania 7303
Producer and packer of Tasmanian Manuka Honey ,Royal jelly and propolis.

Beekeepers from Western Australia offering Honey for sale (sorted by postcode)
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Beekeeper name [Reg.Nr.]
Business Name
Contact details
Home base
Town/Region, State Postcode
web link
Simon Green [RL9]
phone (08) 9756 0900

email Nannupbrookfarm@yahoo.com.au
Nannup, WA 6275
We provide seasonal, raw, natural honey, that has been cold filtered from the SW of WA, together creamed honey by traditional methods.
Amanda & William Northcott [75801]
phone (08) 9332 5163
mobile 0433 125 406

Bull Creek, Western Australia
We provide seasonal, raw single hive honey & honeycomb

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